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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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why we were focusing all of our efforts on both conducting undercover and surveillance operations and working so closely with the school district. >> these are all sketches of the suspect, they're investigating whether he tried to kidnap another woman at san felipe park on 911. now in response to the arrest heyward superintendent says mothers can sleep well tonight. >> san jose's police chief jumps into action literally. he tackled a murder suspect. the suspect was brought in for questioning at police headquarters while in handcuffs. the suspect made a run and
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scaled a for instance trying to escape. the chief saw it all happen. >> 911. >> someone -- >> raw emotion and maternal panic, the 911 tape just into the nbc bay area news room. the voice is of a mother after someone stole the family car with her 8-year-old son sleeping in the back seat. jodi hernandez says they have identified a person of interest. >> they have. police say they have been interviewing a man calling a person of interest since about 2:30 this afternoon. it's unclear what led them to that man. the family car is back in the driveway back in the very spot from where they were taken early with the little boy inside. tonight the family says what matters is that the boy is home and safe. >> it was just completely overjoyed with goosebumps and i just wanted to squeeze him.
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>> that is how the 8-year-old's mother describes the joyful reunion with her little boy. a few hours after he was abducted from his drive way in the family's car. the car was parked a few miles away and someone called police. >> i never stopped praying. >> brock says he was warming up the car for his wife about 4:45 this morning. he left the third grader asleep in the backseat for just a few seconds. >> i walked inside as she was putting her shoes on and walking out, and it was 30 seconds and the car was gone. when he woke up the guy said he didn't know he was in the car, the guy got out of the car and my boy went back to sleep. >> they found a bicycle near the front of the house, and they
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believe it could be connected. they think all parents should learn from their mistake. >> an absolute learning experience. we all make mistakes and thank goodness we have him and we definitely learned from it. >> good words of advice for all parents. brock spent the day at home with his parents watching videos. we saw happy meals being taken in a short time ago. fairfield police say they're interviewing a personal of interest. no word of an is arrest. i'm jodi hernandez. >> we're going to continue of coverage on our website. you can listen the to entire 911 tape there and click on the top story bodily injury on the front page. today, judge tracey graham
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granted a request. the sheriff completed all of the requirements that resulted from an altercation with his wife back in 2011. today they said anyone can clear the record if they successfully complete probation. >> you need to right your wrongs. you need to be held accountable and if you do so you can put these experiences behind you as best as the system allows you to do. >> he is currently running for reelection. it happened again at the white house. a new security breach. we learned the man connected to the latest attempt say connections to the bay area. he plead not guilty to unlawful entry. he has been released with an ankle monitor. this comes days after discussing
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adding spikes to the top of the white house fence to deter intruders intruders. the san jose police department lost their second cadet that just graduated from the police academy this month. this is public relations, financial hit, and crime concern for san jose. we are joined from police headquarters. pooches from sdpd is common now from other cadets. >> one cadet quit a day after graduation. now a second cadet is about to turn in his badge days after receiving it. >> congratulations. >> 19 men and women raised their right hands on april 10th. today there are only 17 left. sources tell me a second recruit from this academy is calling it quits. where he is going? back to his old job fixing and
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installing air-conditioning units. >> the head of the mayor's gang prevention task force is preparing for the busy summer months when the kids are out of school. >> we'll be doing our safe summer initiative. we're granting out about 500,000 from microgrants throughout the community especially in our gang impacted areas. educational and fun things to do over the summer months where the kids are setting idol and they're victims or perpetrators of violence. >> in february they saw six gang related crimes. that number jumped to 28 in march. not a trend, but something to definitely keep an eye on. now with fewer officers it's also a growing concern for those who live in san jose. >> losing two officers, that makes a big difference. >> the director of the mayor's gang prevention task force says
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one gang crime is too many. but in a city of a million people, it still remains a safe place to live. live in the south bay. >> we're following developing news tonight, federal agents say they have arrested six minnesota men planning to go to syria to join isis. all of the men are between ages 19 and 21. four of the men were arrested near minneapolis. two made it to san diego where they hoped to get fake passports to trooifl to syria from mexico. one of those had second thoughts and turned informant. >> today marks the second boston marathon. they remained boston strong with more than 100,000 people.
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many survivors from that day a few years back also ran today. however the 12 jurors and six alternates in the trial against the bomber were ordered by a judge to stay away. the penalty faze of the trial begins tomorrow. >> in san francisco, runners showed their support with their own race a 5k through the city. it kicked off today, where people who survived the ordeal arrived to reflect. >> when i was there, my wife was watching from the exact same spot. a little closer than anyone wants to be to that type of a tragedy. >> it first started the friday after the bamming to honor the victims and the firth responders. >> now the warriors playoff run. we want to show you a playoff run. tonight it will be rocking with some 20,000 screaming fans as
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new orleans will by playing for a chance at the world seriouses. >> it is sure to be sold out tonight. the fans are coming in huge numbers. a bit of a slow start. the warriors flexed a lot of muscle on saturday. in the end they had to work hard for the win. the players are loose on and off the court. on the court, everyone is noticing steph curry and greene flexing their muscles, and coach kerr is noticing it too. >> with draymon it looks right, with stephen, it looks ironic. >> why is that? >> his muscles are about the size of mine. >> i will always show emotion
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when i play. i'm a high energy guy. we just do things in the moment i guess. >> fans of course are hoping for curry to be in the moment today. you may remember he got a lot of play last week. curry got 77 three-point shots in practice. that is 77 points straight. fans are hoping for a big game tonight. we'll talk to them and hear from them at 6:00. one fan had a t-shirt on that said must remember 30 mdt. i'm sure a lot of folks will be screaming that tonight. >> it will be a fun night, that's for sure. here is the question for you, is oracle arena too loud? the pelicans coach seems to think so. we dig into that noise complaint and there is more coming up at
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6:00. >> the house cleaning begin. the sharks part ways with their head coach. what's next? >> the unofficial pot holiday, i'm here at golden gate park where thousands of people are out here celebrating. neighbors who wish the city would do more to shut this event down. >> and cloudy skies across san francisco with thick areas of fog fog. we're tracking it for your tuesday. if this will impact you over the next couple days as well. >> the next big thing in driving technology could be glasses, what these specs allow you to see without having to look away. >> that is new at 6:00.
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does today sound familiar to you? april 20th. you're looking at hippie hill. there is thousands of people celebrating national marijuana day. that is the unofficial tradition known as 4:20. lots of people go to san francisco to smoke some pot. that's a lot of people. not everyone in the neighborhood
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is happy about the event except for those at the event. >> for people here they seem to be very happy. there is thousands out here. some got here as early as 5:00 in the morning. there is crowds and crowds of people. i spoke to police and got a update about half an hour ago. no arrests have been made. they want today make sure the event was peaceful and so far it has been. >> we're all friends here. >> lester is selling two for $5 chicken kabobs. >> we can smoke and be friendly. >> thousands of people lit of the golden gate park. some came for the vibe. others trying to make a political statement in supporting of legalizing marijuana. >> i have bad knees, bad back and it works for me. >> it is unsanctioned by the city. san francisco police say special units were assigned to patrol
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the neighborhood saying overtime officers would only be used as a last result. this year parking is prohibited surrounding the golden gate park which is a big problem for one employee that works around the corner. >> it's hard for clients and parking. it's not very conducive to families. >> neighbors waiting for april 21st marval says she breathing in the moment. >> we can all smoke and be friendly. everyone is here to support it. last year 20,000 pounds of trash was left behind here and it cost the city more than $23,000 for this unsanctioned event. live in san francisco, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> another uber driver in hot water tonight who allegedly hit a bicyclist on purpose.
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he got in an argument with a cyclist yesterday afternoon near fisherman's wharf. he also sped up and hit the back of the bike. the cyclist has broken ribs and a punctured lung. >> filling a gab in the east bay. they help patients that now the doctor's immediatemedical center is closing. it has primarily served patients who are low income or uninsured. the center is a nonprofit in lifelong urgent care. >> here comes the house cleaning. for the first time in 12 years the sharks are not in the playoffs. now the head coach is out of a job. the sharks announced today they parted ways with todd mcclellan.
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he is the winningest coach in sharks history but they have never been to the finals. the sharks say they could possibly go with an in-house candidate for their new head coach. for mcclellum's future he says several teams have expressed interest. oprah winfrey has been invited to speak on the subject of living a meaningful life. she will deliver her talk starting at 7:00. no tickets are available but you can watch a live stream at stanford. >> happy monday to you, jeff. >> you too. today was all about the cooler temperatures.
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this weekend we still had 80s across the interior valleys. we're also tracking areas of showers and thunderstorms. it's more of a heads up right now. if you're traveling to lake tahoe, you may have a spotty shower. most of the activity is dieing down. we could get some of the cloud top blow off that could make it to the east bay tomorrow night. let's look at the temperatures as we talked about from 80s yesterday. we had the fog here on our weather underground, still at 10:00 this morning. eventually you can see it, we had blue sky in here by 3:30. we'll get you outside the sky camera network right now. but begin even with all of that sunshine you're not in the 70s for the south bay. and with that cold westerly wind. san francisco is still checking in with 58 degrees this morning.
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if you want a clearer start, it will not be with us. you need to get prepared for another foggy round of weather here in the area. temperatures will primarily start in the 50s, and we'll note in san francisco the possibility here of patchy drizzle to start. i want to talk about time on the current weather pattern. last week it was all about the potential of maybe getting weather in here. unfortunately the way it looks is that three different systems as we head throughout this week will be passing just to the north. it is the best we can do to get the foggy wind here. no big rainfall totals expected across the next few days. by 7:00 in the morning, you can see close to san francisco, down in the peninsula, there is drizzle in the morning hours.
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it will at least help some of the vegetation. by 11:00 in the morning, we will gradually clear out. the bay, and the golden gate bridge. it's one of those days if you're heading to the coast we expect fog through the evening hours. san jose, 72 degrees. only 58 degrees. san francisco saying in the 60s. best bet on sunshine tri-valley. it should be the overall warmest location with pleasanton at 72. no major rainfall expected across the area. the only only potential here is a slight thunderstorm risk in the hills about 1,000 feet if is only a 10% chance right now. >> thanks, still ahead at 5:00
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despite our drought there is such a thing as too much rain. >> and making waves, why the humpback whale could with removed from the endangered list.
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we desperately need rain. and some people believe we're overdue for what we call a megastorm. they held a news conference outlining -- they should been hit with a 100 year storm event by now. the last one was in the 1860s. >> what was that storm like? >> as you can see it is a little damp, it contained the equivalent of about 16 mississippi rivers. it bankrupted the state. it destroyed about a quarter of the state's economy. >> serious numbers there. the concern today is that there are $46 billion in bay area assets in that 1861 flood plane. there is a lot of planning by
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all levels of government to address this risk. >> the humpback whale is making a come back. they're talking about putting most of the population off of the list. they will classify them into 14 distinct populations. scientists say the populations are largely independent, managing them separately. restoration efforts have led to an increase in hump backs in the last few years. >> the company, kraft, is changing their recipe for maco maceroni and cheese. they plan to make changes later
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next year. on wall street making big gains at the closing bell, the dow jones up nearly 210 points today. higher than expected reports from hasboro and other companies led to the jump.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 an actor with an enterprise.
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william shatner's ban to get water in california. >> endangered in more ways than one. leo p sea lion has tripled in size since last fall. experts were not sure that the pup would even survive the trip from washington state to california. now after being sedated, measured and fitting with a tracking device he is back once again. he is returning to washington. and when leo saw the beach, he made a run for it. 250 pounds is not really a run for it but he did move fast and we wish him all the best in the wild where he belongs. >> all right, jeff outside? >> beautiful start to today. we would like to see it rainier throughout the week. not going to happen.
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and we will see upper 70s to lower 60s. on this monday night, the mysterious death of a man dragged into police custody. how was his spinal cord nearly severed? tonight new video surfaces as officers are suspended in baltimore, a city on edge. chasing iran. u.s. war ships on the move tonight prepared to intercept a convoy of iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons to yemen. disaster at sea. a humanitarian crisis unfolding in the mediterranean. another rescue mission tonight as nearly a thousand people are presumed drowned on a desperate voyage for a better life. and a cancer blood test. a promising new way for doctors to find out if your cancer treatment is working. "nightly news" begins now.


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